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NOPE - Animation MPC

These are the shots from NOPE that I had the pleasure to work on while at MPC. This was the first show I was on while at MPC film in Montreal. We had a fantastic animation team and I am incredibly grateful to be part of it!

This shot was a massive shot! One of our amazing animators was doing the animation of the horse and I was asked to animate JeanJacket/ UFO to help move this shot through animation a bit quicker!

When I arrived at MPC other departments were working hard at feeding the animation department. This was a shot that I could pick up. So this was a short fun shot that started my journey at MPC and on Nope.

This was my first shot animating Jean Jacket/UFO. This shot went through many iteration to make Jean Jacket feel like a predator stalking its prey in this sequence. It was loads of fun to be early on animating Jean Jacket in this form.

One of our talented animators had done a blocking pass on this shot already, but some client notes came in asking for some changes to its path and adding some subtle vibrations as it comes down. I also animated 2d fx cards to help sell the look to client

I must say the Simulation team did a great job/ most of the work. I was responsible for animating subtle movements and creating the silhouette. Finally I animated the "ropes" on the sail of Jean Jacket. This was a blast and I am grateful to be part of it

These were the final two shots I worked on. These went through many iterations of the entity wrapping around the balloon, but in the end it ended on just flying down and opening JJ's "wings" up.