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Transformers 2023 - Animation

I came onto Transformers at the beginning of the year of 2023. I was on this show for a little over a month before moving onto another show at MPC in Montreal. It was a pleasure to help bring these iconic characters to life and to help out with what I could to get this show finished. I spent a lot of time doing tech checks, adjusting dialogue, and adjusting final notes on shots. Here are some of the shots that I contributed to the most while working on this show!

This was the first shot I worked on. I utilized a walk from a previous shot and reworked his gate and added animation to his fist.

I was responsible for animating the CG Suit to the scene and match the vibrations of the airplane and to react to the actor touching the suit.

There were many dialogue changes to the shot towards the end. So I was assigned to animate scourge's dialogue, but another animator already did a fantastic job with everything else!

This was the last shot I worked on before moving to another show and I had just provided a blocking pass on this shot. Things that changed from my blocking was only doing one hand movement and then holding and then the gun transformation is different.